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I Took An Ashiatsu Class!

I have been waiting forever to talk about Ashiatsu!

Recently, I have taken a DeepFeet course in Ashiatsu to add to my list of specialties!

But, what is Ashiatsu?


Ashiatsu is a practice of massage therapy where the practitioner uses overhead bars over a massage table to apply a deep, consistent pressure to the client with their feet! It is also known as a barefoot style massage.

Why Ashiatsu?

  • I chose Ashi because I want to practice massage therapy for a long time without pain.

  • I could provide a deep enough pressure to my clients!

  • The pressure of Ashiatsu is more consistent and deep, without being sharp to the client (those darn pointy elbows!).

  • The practice itself is just so beautiful. It reminds me of a slow, smooth dance.

Why should you try Ashiatsu?

  • Subjectively, of course: it's amazing! Trust me, as an LMT for over 4 and a half years I have not found a modality that I like more than Ashiatsu.

  • If you are ticklish - nothing about Ashiatsu is has that feathery touch to tickle you.

  • If you have a hard time finding a practitioner that provides a deep enough pressure, I would give Ashi a shot!

  • The deep, consistent pressure activates your parasympathetic system better than a traditional hands-on massage.

Though I have just finished my initial training for this modality, I have a lot more to do before I can start walking on my clients!

Are you ready to give Ashiatsu a try?

Jackie Martin, LMT

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