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Welcome to Golden Dahlia Massage Therapy!

Hello my friends! My name is Jackie Martin and I am the sole owner of Golden Dahlia Massage Therapy. I opened this place up July 2021 in the midst of the Pandemic. I started my massage career in 2017 at the Northwest Academy for Healing Arts. It was during school that I found a genuine love of helping people feel better in their own skin. As a long-time lover of anything musculoskeletal, massage therapy feels absolutely effortless!

My first job after school was at a Chiropractors office where I worked on many many different clients of all shapes, sizes, and ailments. This setting allowed me to build confidence and refine my skills with the help of my team! After two years of working there, I moved on to Smokey Point Massage Therapy where I worked alongside very talented therapists where I was introduced to the more pampering side of massage therapy! I love adding spa services to my clients sessions to make them feel more spoiled.

Now at Golden Dahlia Massage Therapy I have taken everything I have learned in the past five years to create the best experience for every client!

Recently I have decided to pop on my website a few times a month to post things about massage therapy and self-care. Whether you are a massage therapist or a massage lover, I think you will enjoy your time here!

Take care!

Jackie Martin, LMT


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